Our Mission

  • To satisfy our customers’ requirements for the highest quality, food and food flavor ingredients, and to deliver these products in a timely fashion at the best possible prices.
  • To support our customers by providing the best possible customer service, including maintaining and distributing all necessary regulatory data including Kosher Certificates, Specification Sheets, MSDS, Nutritional Data Sheets, Natural Certificates, Food Product Guarantees, Allergenic Information Sheets, Continuing Commodity Guarantees, Certificates of Analyses, etc.
  • To maintain adequate product inventory at strategic locations within the United States in order to provide timely delivery to our customers’ manufacturing facilities.
  • To constantly remember that the solution of our customers’ supply problems (and not the creation of these problems) is the key to the development of practical business relationships required for the success of both entities.

Arome Security

Arome America LLC is extremely concerned with the safety and security of its products throughout all phases of company operations. To insure that our products are safeguarded against tampering and possible terrorist exposure we have developed the following Product Safety Protocol:

  • Arome America LLC is a registered food facility with the FDA. Our registration number is 13355231844.
  • All of our products are packaged in FDA approved containers.
  • All of our containers are sealed with tamper-evident seals.
  • Our labels conform to FDA labeling guidelines as outlined in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.
  • A lot number tracking system is in place.
  • Arome America LLC maintains a Retention Sample Library for the shelf life of each production lot.
  • Arome America LLC insures that all products are manufactured according to GMP, HACCP, and/or ISO guidelines.
  • All of our products are kosher, and are certified as such by the Star-K Kosher Certification Agency.
  • Arome America LLC’s warehouse facility is a state-of-the-art refrigerated facility inspected by the FDA and USDA. The warehousing facility is further protected by:
    • Seven foot high, barbed-wire fence completely surrounding the facility.
    • Security guard patrolled on a 24/7 basis.
    • Rounds are done on a confidential scheduled basis, and guards are equipped with a computerized scanner to document all rounds.
    • An extensive CCTV system records digitally, and is monitored by Security personnel.
    • The entire facility is illuminated using regulation Cobra pole lights equipped with 450 & 1000-watt floodlights.
    • All inbound, and outbound loads are thoroughly inspected to insure that all freight is clean and there is no evidence of tampering or contamination.
    • All outside carriers and visitors must check into the Security Office before gaining access to the facility.

Arome America’s #1 priority is to protect the products we sell, and to insure to our customers that the products they receive are pure, wholesome, and safe to use.